FIDIC - EFCA Committee on Sustainable Development

Viewing sustainable development as a major issue for the consulting engineering industry, their clients and society, the EFCA and FIDIC board decided to join their efforts in a common working group, the ‘Sustainable Development Committee’ (SD).

Terms of reference

The committee has to prepare and implement a FIDIC general action plan on sustainable development once approved by FIDIC board or representative of it, and EFCA action plan on sustainable development to European institutions once approved by EFCA board or representative of it.

Membership will be open to any representative or member of EFCA or FIDIC, appointed by one or the other Federation, considering the need of a balanced participation of all types of EFCA and FIDIC members.

The EFCA and FIDIC boards will nominate jointly the chair of that committee and members of the Sustainable Development (SD) Committee board, who are in charge of making decisions on the committee recommendation when no large consensus may emerge from the SD committee members.

Observer members may be appointed.

The secretariat of the SD committee will be managed by EFCA staff who will work in tandem with FIDIC staff, who will be permanent invited members of the SD Committee.

The EFCA and FIDIC boards will nominate one or more of their board members to follow up with the SD Committee, who will be permanent invited members of the SD Committee. They will be informed by the Secretariat of the on-going work of the SD committee and will be in charge of informing the committee of the Board’s decision.

The scope of work of the SD committee is based on 5 pillars:

Tools: to develop tools for the Consulting engineering industry practice on sustainable development, and support for their use.

Training: to develop support for training sessions dedicated to sustainable development and to implement them with relevant partners.

Communication:  to prepare EFCA and FIDIC relevant communication on sustainable development, to be implemented by EFCA and/or FIDIC.

Monitoring and Lobbying:

  • the European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, CEN/CENELEC …) on issues related to sustainable development, on behalf of and with the approval of the EFCA board
  • the international institutions (UNEP, ISO, ICC, …) on behalf of and the with approval of the FIDIC board or its representative.

Good Practice: exchange between the committee members available to all EFCA and FIDIC members.



Jean Félix (FIDIC) (since April 2010)


Hipólito José Campos de Sousa (APPC)
Milena Matic (ACES)
Cosmin Tobolcea (ARIC)
Idriss Kathrada (CINOV / SYNTEC Ingénierie)
Despina Kallidromitou (HELLASCO)
Jacobiene Ritsema (Koninklijke NLingenieurs)
Wouter Schik (Koninklijke NLingenieurs)
Matteo Bertoneri (OICE)
Aleksander Granowski (SIDiR)
Stellan Fryxell (
Innovationsföretagen - FSIC)
Anders Persson (
Innovationsföretagen - FSIC)
Stephan Wüthrich (USIC)

Corresponding Members

Bruno Georges (CINOV / SYNTEC Ingénierie)

EFCA Consultant

Peter Boswell

FIDIC Representatives

John Boyd
Ahmed Chalabi
Inhee Chung
Robin Crouch
Sudhir Dhawan
Italo Goyzueta
Haru Koichiro
Jae-Wan Lee
Mark Pehlig
Ashish Rakheja
Jane Scanlon
Nader Shokoufi
Sherif Wassef
Iris Y Ma

Ruijie Zhang
Moncef Ziani