Benoît Clocheret appointed President-Elect of EFCA for the term 2019-2020

Benoît Clocheret (F) was appointed President-Elect of EFCA by the General Assembly on 9 May 2019. Benoît Clocheret is the CEO of ARTELIA, a leading independent consulting, engineering and project management firm in the industry, building, water, infrastructure, transport and energy sectors.

Benoît Clocheret was elected member of the EFCA Board of Directors on 1 June 2017. He is the former Chair of the ‘Infrastructure’ section of SYNTEC-Ingénierie and is a member of the Board of SYNTEC-Ingénierie, the largest professional association of engineering consulting firms in France, representing 350,000 professionals.

In his word of thanks, Benoît Clocheret stated that ‘he will foster the strength of the collaborative and business-focused network that EFCA is. Responsible European regulators must support and stimulate the development of a business-friendly environment to ensure the future of our firms’ growth and competitiveness within the European Union and more generally in the global market’.

  • 9 May 2019